Exclusively for Tahoe Life customers: Extra benefit and caring arrangements for “Novel Coronavirus” | Additional hospital cash benefit of HKD800 and aseries of caring arrangements | Tahoe Life

Extra benefit and caring arrangements for “Novel Coronavirus”

Exclusively for Tahoe Life customers: Extra benefit and caring arrangements for “Novel Coronavirus”

Tahoe Life has long been committed to standing by our customers through each difficult moment. In response to the continuing “Novel Coronavirus” epidemic, we have launched the extra additional hospital cash benefit and a series of caring arrangements to fight alongside with you against the epidemic.

Whether you are our existing customer or new customer, if you are unfortunately diagnosed with the “Novel Coronavirus” and need to be confined to a hospital, Tahoe Life shall provide the following benefit and arrangements:

Free additional hospital cash benefit

Additional hospital cash benefit of HKD800 for each day of confinement (“hospitalisation”) of up to 50 days, with no waiting period.

Speedy and flexible claims arrangement

Dedicated claims support for handling claims enquiries by phone

  • Hong Kong dedicated hotline: 3767 8987
  • Mainland China dedicated hotline: 4008427932

Express claims handling

Priority claims settlement by shortening the processing time for claims application incurred by the “Novel Coronavirus” to one working day.


Simplify claims procedure

  • Simplified claims documents and procedures that are required for claims application, waiving submission of Claim Form Part II or medical report by attending doctor for hospitalisation in Mainland China.
  • For hospitalisation in Hong Kong, only an official medical proof with clear diagnosis is required.

  • For hospitalisation in Mainland China, an official hospital booklet with clear diagnosis and treatment detail is required.

Exempt the hospital grade limitation

If customer is diagnosed with the “Novel Coronavirus” and hospitalised in Mainland China, any hospital grade limitation in the policy terms will be exempted.

Relaxation on specific room type requirement

The benefit payable under the insured’s hospitalisation plan will not be adjusted due to his/ her confinement in a higher room class.

Relaxation on time limit for filing proof of claim

The claims of medical expenses incurred by the “Novel Coronavirus” will be exempted from time limit for filing proof of hospital claim in the policy terms.

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Terms and conditions

  1. The free additional hospital cash benefit and speedy and flexible claims arrangement (collectively “this Benefit”) is offered by Tahoe Life Insurance Company Limited (Incorporated in Bermuda with limited liability) (collectively “Tahoe Life” or “we” or “our”).
  2. All existing customers or new customers refer to the insured of all individual policies underwritten by Tahoe Life, and such policies must be issued on or before 31 March 2021 and remain in force.
  3. Even if the insured is covered under multiple policies issued by Tahoe Life, the free additional hospital cash benefit can only be claimed once, and the policy must be in force when the insured is diagnosed with “Novel Coronavirus” during the period of 24 January 2020 to 31 March 2021 (“Coverage Period”).
  4. “Novel Coronavirus” means confirmed COVID-2019 cases as defined by the World Health Organization and the diagnosis must be supported by a relevant test report. Clinical diagnosis alone does not meet this standard. Tahoe Life shall not pay any benefit if “Noveloronavirus” is diagnosed or its signs and symptoms are appeared before the effective date of the respective plan.
  5. “Confinement” means residence of the insured in a hospital as an in-patient for at least six (6) consecutive hours as prescribed by a Physician. “Confined” shall be construed accordingly. If the Insured takes home leave for whatever reason during any “Confinement”, such home leave will not be regarded as “Confinement”.
  6. “Physician” means a person duly qualified and legally authorised in the geographical area of his practice to render western medical services, but excluding the insured, policyowner, beneficiary of the policy, their business partners and employer and employee, or their immediate family members unless approved by the Company in writing.
  7. “Hospital” means a hospital which is duly registered and legally authorised under the laws of the country or territory in which it is established, and shall meet all the following requirements:
    1. the hospital operates primarily for the medical care and treatment of the sick and injured persons, as an in-patient and at the patient’s expense; and
    2. the hospital has the necessary medical facilities for diagnosis and for major surgery and provides twenty-four (24) hour full-time nursing service by or under the supervision of nurses; and
    3. the hospital has at least one (1) legally licensed Physician in regular attendance inside the hospital at all times; and
    4. the hospital maintains a daily medical record for each patient, which is accessible to Tahoe Life; and a “Hospital” shall not include a mental institution, an institution operating primarily for the treatment of psychiatric or psychological disease, a skilled nursing facility, a convalescent or a nursing home, a rest home, a home for the old-aged, a facility or place for alcoholics or drug addicts, a health hydro, a nature-cure clinic, or a facility for rehabilitation or for extended care.
  8. Tahoe Life reserves the right to revise the terms and conditions of this Benefit, terminate or cancel this Benefit without prior notice. If there is any dispute, our decision will be final.
  9. If there is any inconsistency between Traditional Chinese version and English version, the Traditional Chinese version shall prevail.