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Tahoe Life won two awards at “The Outstanding Brand Awards 2019”

2019-05-14 | Corporate update

At “The Outstanding Brand Awards 2019” organised by the Economic Digest, Tahoe Life did not only win the “Life insurance company” award for the second year in a row, but also the “Retirement planning insurance product" award for our Splendid Harvest Income Plan. The award presentation ceremony took place on 10 May 2019 at The Langham, Hong Kong. Ms Paula Choi, CEO of Tahoe Life, led the team to receive the two accolades at the ceremony. Ms Jenny Chau, Chief Marketing Officer, and Mr Jason Fung, Chief Actuary, represented Tahoe Life to make a speech on the stage. Ms Jenny Chau shared that, “It gives us tremendous honour to receive the “Life insurance company” award again for the second year. The award is a testament to the strong and solid foundation we have built, and the dedication of the Tahoe Life team. We will continue to craft a brilliant future with our customers.” Commenting on the “Retirement planning insurance product" award, Mr Jason Fung expressed that, “Splendid Harvest Income Plan is our flagship savings product which is well received by the market. Most importantly, it is our strategic plan in the retirement market. We are devoted to developing exquisite insurance products and aiming to be the leading brand in the life insurance sector.”


"Tahoe Life Presents Leo Ku WE World Tour Part 2 – Hong Kong" had been held successfully

2019-04-15 | Corporate update

"Tahoe Life Presents Leo Ku WE World Tour Part 2 – Hong Kong", which was title sponsored by Tahoe Life, had been held successfully at the Hong Kong Coliseum on four consecutive evenings. Leo, leading his crew and inviting Ms Paula Choi, CEO, and Ms Jenny Chau, Chief Marketing Officer, of Tahoe Life, celebrated the great accomplishment in the press conference and after-show party. Apart from his greatest hits, Leo also performed the theme song of the microfilm of Tahoe Life 初心, new song 亂世情侶, #香港勁揪, 子華說, etc. Continuing the theme of his concert last year, Leo drove his golden time machine on stage every night. He further impressed the audience by inviting top singers as his guests such as Joey Yung, Hacken Lee, Cheung Chi Lam and Justin Lo. Through the title sponsorship of Leo Ku’s concert for two consecutive years, Tahoe Life engaged with our customers, business partners and staff of Tahoe Group and Tahoe Life by promoting the spirit of the Tahoe Life brand. Moving forward, Tahoe Life will continue to craft a brilliant future together with these stakeholders.


New product launch: Blissful Life Insurance Plan and Premier Life Insurance Plan

2019-04-08 | Corporate update

Tahoe Life is proud to announce the launch of Blissful Life Insurance Plan and Premier Life Insurance Plan on 8 April 2019. They are long-term protections plan which provide intact protection solutions to cater your different financial needs and fulfil your life goals. Product highlights: Blissful Life Insurance Plan Provides comprehensive coverage with savings feature, allowing you to set your mind at ease and focus on achieving your life goals. • Superior protection: up to 188% of the sum assured for life protection at an affordable premium • Wealth accumulation: providing guaranteed cash value, annual dividends, terminal dividend • Legacy planning: contingent owner nomination and death benefit settlement options Premier Life Insurance Plan Meticulously designed from the perspective of high-net-worth individuals to not only allow you to allocate your wealth entirely as you wish, but also pass your assets to future generations, providing security of life protection for the beloved family members. • High-end protection: offering life protection up to 118% of the sum assured, with dividends and terminal illness benefit • Great arrangements that meet your needs: four payment terms to choose from, three different risk classes and non-medical limit • Efficient transfer of legacy: able to insure for huge amounts, manage your wealth with contingent owner nomination and options for death benefit settlement Blissful Life Insurance Plan > For details of the product and related key product risks, please click here. Premier Life Insurance Plan> For details of the product and related key product risks, please click here.


Tahoe Life fully support Earth Hour 2019

2019-03-29 | Corporate update

Organised by World Wildlife Fund, Earth Hour is the largest annual environmental movement that brings attention to the effects of climate change by asking people across the globe to switch off lights at homes and businesses for one hour. To show our support, Tahoe Life will switch off our LED sign on the waterfront and the unnecessary lighting and equipment in our offices between 8:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. on 30 March 2019. As a corporate citizen, Tahoe Life is committed to doing our part to protect our planet’s limited resources. That’s why we have taken into account the environmental measures when we moved to our new head office. Apart from installing energy saving equipment and recycle bins, we have also deployed daylight sensors and motion sensors to our lighting system to help save energy. We believe that if we all change the way we live, even the actions are small, we can make a big difference for our planet. We’re in. Are you? Our pledge: 泰禾人壽今年已簽署支持及參與由世界自然基金會(WWF)主辦的「地球一小時」環保行動,並於3月29日 8時30分關掉銅鑼灣新時代中心頂部的大型LED燈屏及辦公室內非必要的燈光及電器一小時,承諾珍惜自然資源以守護地球的未來、實踐可持續的消費模式及減少浪費。 今年活動主題是「慳啲 醒啲 改變生活 ‧ 變好世界」,泰禾人壽已踏出一步,你呢? 我們的承諾:


Tahoe Life won the “Excellent Brand of Savings Insurance Products and Services” award of Hong Kong Leaders’ Choice 2019

2019-02-18 | Corporate update

We are very honoured that Tahoe Life won the “Excellent Brand of Savings Insurance Products and Services” award of Hong Kong Leaders’ Choice 2019 with our flagship savings product – Splendid Harvest Income Plan. The award is organised by Metro Finance and the presentation ceremony was held on 18 February at JW Marriott Hotel. Our CEO, Ms. Paula Choi, received the award on behalf of Tahoe Life. Tahoe Life launched Splendid Harvest Income Plan last year to cater the needs of customers pursuing stable return on investment. The features of guaranteed income, compound interest for long-term capital appreciation and flexibility of capital transfer prompted the market since its launch. The plan’s three selling points “full guarantee, monthly income and inheritance” are also highly recognised. Being devoted to product development, Tahoe Life is very proud of the accolade recognised by professional judges and will continue our dedication to developing market-leading new products.