Realise your dreams for a brilliant life

Dreams...always seem to be just dreams

and so far off

To live your dreams, you need to manage the four financial pillars for a solid financial foundation
so that you can achieve your aspirations wholeheartedly.

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MultiGuard Critical Illness Protection Plan

Critical illnesses often strike without warning, and put you and your family in great stress all in a sudden. While worrying that the unforeseen financial burden of medical care will derail the future plans of your family, you also need experts’ advice from the diagnosis and start the appropriate medical treatment. Tahoe Life understands it and offers you MultiGuard Critical Illness Protection Plan with all-round protections against 171 critical illnesses...

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Brilliant Saver 2 Protection Plan

Are there some financial goals on your bucket list which have been set aside for a long time? A plan with guaranteed return could help you achieve your goals. Tahoe Life’s Brilliant Saver 2 Protection Plan addresses your savings needs as well as protection needs...

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Splendid Harvest 2 Income Plan

To live a relaxing and wonderful life and share the brilliant future with your loved ones, it is important for you to have a comprehensive financial plan. Tahoe Life’s Splendid Harvest 2 Income Plan provides both monthly income and choices of wealth inheritance so you can meet your financial needs and achieve a fruitful life with peace of mind.

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