MultiGuard Critical Illness Protection Plan

Critical Illness
Protection Plan

First in market: "Medical + Critical Illness" double protection


First in Market

"Medical + Critical Illness" Double Protection

Most in Town

171 insured illnesses

Multiple Protection

Up to 600% of sum assured

Family Benefit

Up to HKD200,000 extra protection on coronavirus*

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MultiGuard Critical Illness Protection Plan

Critical illnesses often strike without warning, and put you and your family in great stress all in a sudden. While worrying that the unforeseen financial burden of medical care will derail the future plans of your family, you also need experts’ advice from the diagnosis and start the appropriate medical treatment. Tahoe Life understands it and offers you MultiGuard Critical Illness Protection Plan (the “Plan”) with all-round protections against 171 critical illnesses. In addition to paying out a lump-sum benefit to ease your financial pressure, the Plan also covers multiple claims against cancer, stroke and heart attack, and reimburses you the medical expenses. You will also have access to timely professional advice and support throughout the journey of recovery. Even when there are challenges from time to time, we are standing by you and bringing you back to a brilliant life.

Plan Features

171 critical illnesses and 19 benign tumours are covered

The Plan provides coverage for 171 critical illnesses, which include 74 major illnesses, 73 early stage critical illnesses and 24 severe child diseases, as well as 19 benign tumours. The commonly seen illnesses including cancers, stroke, heart attack, carcinoma-in-situ and angioplasty, etc., are covered.

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Protection reset benefit

As life expectancy increases steadily, it is not uncommon that illnesses may strike more than just one time. With the protection reset benefit under the Plan, you will be able to restore your coverage reduced by prior claims. In the unfortunate event that the insured is diagnosed with a covered major illness or passes away before age 75, the claimed amount paid under the early stage critical illness benefit and / or the severe child disease benefit will be reset once (up to 80% of the sum assured) and payable as part of the major illness benefit or death benefit. However, the related illnesses must be diagnosed one year or longer before the date of diagnosis of the major illness or the date of the death of the insured.

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Benign tumour benefit1,3

If the insured has undergone a complete surgical excision of one of the covered benign tumours, the Plan will provide a benign tumour benefit which covers 19 organs or tissues, with an amount up to 20% of the sum assured for up to two times. Please refer to the “Information at a glance” for details of each covered benign tumour and its maximum benefit.

All-round coverage for cancer, stroke and heart attack

If the insured is unfortunately diagnosed with cancer, stroke or heart attack, apart from the lump-sum payment from major illness benefit, the followings will be provided by the Plan to support you to go through the whole recovery journey.

  1. Medical expense reimbursement benefit
  2. Multiple benefits on designated major illnesses; and
  3. Flexible waiting period option for cancer
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Coverage booster benefit

In the first 20 years (for the insured’s issue age under 21) or the first 10 years of the policy (for the insured’s issue age 21 or above), the coverage booster benefit will be payable for one time when the major illness benefit or death benefit of the Plan becomes payable. The amount of coverage booster benefit will be:

Issue age of the insured

Coverage booster benefit

Under age 21

80% of the sum assured

Age 21 or above

60% of the sum assured

Prestige Global Medical Assistance Services8

In addition to all-round critical illness protection, the Plan also provides you with attentive Prestige Global Medical Assistance Services. You will have access to a 24-hour medical enquiry service and second medical opinion service supported by experienced medical professionals, worldwide medical network and global medical concierge services to take care of your health needs at all times.


Waiving the premiums for continuous protection

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Life insurance

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Four premium payment terms at choice and premium prepayment option9 (applicable to 5-year premium payment term only)

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Optional supplementary contracts10

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More Support

Product Brochure
About Policy Dividends & Investment Policy
  1. In case early stage critical illness benefit, major illness benefit and benign tumour benefit are payable for the same organ or tissue, we shall only pay the benefit with the highest benefit amount.
  2. The Plan is a participating policy. Terminal dividend is not guaranteed (the “non-guaranteed benefit”), subject to change and will be determined by Tahoe Life from time to time. For details of the non-guaranteed benefit, please refer to the below section “Key Product Disclosures” regarding “Non-guaranteed benefits”. For details of the terminal dividend, please refer to the below section on “About Policy Dividends” or visit Tahoe Life’s website,
  3. Benign tumour benefit is payable once for each of the covered organ or tissue. The maximum claim amount for benign tumour benefit is USD50,000 / HKD400,000 per insured.
  4. If the insured is confined in a room of the class above semi-private room, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, on any days of a confinement, any reimbursable medical expenses under this benefit in relation to such confinement shall be reduced by 50%. Tahoe Life is not liable for any confinement, surgery and / or medical treatment for which compensation or reimbursement is payable under any law, medical program, or insurance policy provided by any government, company or other insurer except to the extent that such charges are not reimbursed by such law, medical program or insurance policy. For the avoidance of doubt, any medical expenses incurred after twentieth (20th) Policy Anniversary Date shall not be covered under this benefit.

    Tahoe Life only covers the charges and / or expenses of the insured on “reasonable and customary charges” and “medically necessary” basis.

    “Reasonable and customary charges” in relation to a fee, a charge or an expense, means any fee or expense which (a) is charged for treatment, supplies (inclusive of medication) or medical services that are medically necessary and in accordance with standards of good medical practice for the care of an injured or ill person under the care, supervision or order of a registered medical practitioner; (b) does not exceed the usual level of charges for similar treatment, supplies (inclusive of medication) or medical services in the locality where the expense is incurred, which for the avoidance of doubt, shall not exceed the level of such charges applicable to a semi-private room for treatment, supplies (inclusion of medication) or medical services provided during a confinement; and (c) does not include charges that would not have been made if no insurance existed. The Company reserves the right to determine whether any particular confinement / medical charge is a reasonable and customary charge with reference but not limited to any relevant publication or information made available, such as schedule of fees, by the government, relevant authorities and recognised medical association in the locality. The Company reserves the right to adjust any or all benefits payable in relation to any confinement / medical charges which in the opinion of the Company is not a reasonable and customary charge. For details of the principle of “medically necessary”, please refer to below “Key Product Disclosures” section regarding “Eligible medically necessary claims”.

  5. The insured has to survive for at least 15 days from the date of diagnosis of such subsequent cancer, stroke or heart attack.
  6. The maximum payable times for multiple benefits on designated major illnesses and flexible waiting period option for cancer is up to three times in total per policy.
  7. The waiting period for the subsequent claim of multiple benefits on designated major illnesses after the flexible waiting period option for cancer is being paid, will be counting from the date of Tahoe Life’s receipt of written notice of claim for payment of the flexible waiting period option for cancer.
  8. Prestige Global Medical Assistance Services (“the Service”) are value added services provided by third party service providers and do not form part of the policy contract. For details, please refer to the relevant service leaflets or customer notification. The insured may be asked to provide certain personal information and medical history to the third party service provider(s) in using the Service. Any enquiries, complaints, or disputes relating to the Service should be resolved directly with the respective service provider(s). Tahoe Life is not responsible for the quality, accuracy and suitability of the Service, and reserves the right to revise the service contents or terminate such services without prior notice. In case of any disputes, Tahoe Life has the right for final determination. The Service will become effective 30 days after the effective date of your policy under the Plan. The Service will be terminated automatically if your policy lapses or is terminated. Any medical information and second medical opinion provided under the Service should not be considered as medical consultation and are for reference purposes only. The insured has absolute right to choose the kind of medical treatment / arrangements to be received.
  9. The premium prepayment option is only applicable to policies with 5-year premium payment term and annual payment mode. The application of prepayment of renewal premium can only be valid when the renewal premium and levy on renewal premium are fully pre-paid (“Prepaid Amount”) at the time of policy application together with the filled application form and signed illustration of premium prepayment option. Prior to the renewal premium due, the Prepaid Amount will not form part of the paid premium. The Prepaid Amount will not form part of the guaranteed cash value, nor any benefit under the policy, and will not be attributed to the calculation of death benefit. The accumulation interest rates for the Prepaid Amount are not guaranteed, subject to change and will be determined by Tahoe Life from time to time. If the insured passes away before the end of the premium payment term, the balance of the Prepaid Amount shall be returned to the policyowner or his/her estate. Upon policy surrender or full withdrawal of the balance of the Prepaid Amount before the end of the premium payment term, the relevant balance of the Prepaid Amount shall be returned to the policyowner, and any interest on the balance of the Prepaid Amount of that policy year will be forfeited. Only full withdrawal of the balance of the Prepaid Amount will be accepted by Tahoe Life.
  10. Please refer to the respective policy contract for details of each supplementary contract.
  11. Tahoe Life has the right to increase or decrease the premium for any class of the insured with a similar risk profile at any policy anniversary date of the policy with 30 days prior written notice. For details of the risk factors, please refer to the below “Key Product Disclosures” section regarding “Premium adjustment”.